They’re at it again.

IsraelApparently, things are bad.    How bad?  Real bad.  During a recent visit to Israel, El Vice-Presidente Biden visited Israel to see how things were going with the middle east peace process during which Israel approved development of 1,600 Israeli homes in the West Bank.  From the article, I think it’s quite possible that someone within the Israeli government timed this to discredit Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or it could simply be a case of good cop, bad cop.  In the article, he’s quoted as saying:

Mr Netanyahu has tried to play down the unusually bitter diplomatic row between the two allies. He said the announcement was a “bureaucratic mix-up” and that he “deeply regretted” its timing.

What’s always bothered me about this whole process of peace is that it always ends up with Israel giving up concessions.  The news services never talk about the Arabs having to give up anything.  In 1948, Israel agreed to the UN’s plan to split the land into two areas, but the Arabs didn’t.  Next, Israel is attacked by their surrounding neighbors after being formally recognized as a nation.  Israel effectively wins the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and eventually give up territory to their attackers (e.g. West Bank to Jordan, Golan Heights to Syria, Gaza to Egypt).   Israel wins, but then it loses the territory it secured in concessions.  As a result of the cease-fire, Israel gets formal recognition by the United Nations.

I wonder what the price tag on all the munitions and arms that’s been sent in to aid the PLO, Hezbollah, etc. amounts to be over the years?  If the surrounding Arab states were serious about peace, couldn’t they have simply encouraged immigration by aiding all of their Arab cousins in the conflict zones with all the money they’ve given these organizations to fight Israel?

Historic Palestine is a geographic area, not simply local to the borders of Israel.  It covers parts of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and ALL of Jordan.  Israel’s approximately the same square miles as the state of New Hampshire (9,350 sq miles) weighing in at 8,522 sq. miles. It seems to me that the Palestinian people already have recognized Arabic governments (e.g. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc.) in place to support them. There are millions of Palestinians living in those countries, yet the Arab community continues to push Israel for more concessions, and continue to call for its destruction.

And finally from deep in left field: one thing I’m sure of is there will be peace in Israel. It will come on the herald of the return of Jesus Christ, redeeming King and Lord of heaven and earth. At least then, we can count on this whole mess being straightened out. 😉

Hope you have fun keeping up on all this political ballyhoo!