The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman

I saw it!  It was good.  Well, it was really good.  Did I mention that I really, really liked it?  Oh good, because I was afraid I didn’t mention that it was a very good reboot of the franchise and the casting was spot on.  The story’s slightly different this time – no Harry no Green Goblin.  This reboot gives us a spunky cool girlfriend played by Emma Stone (great job!)  And we have Rhys Ifans (aka Nigel ‘The Leg’ Gruff – I loved him in The Replacements) as a Lizard / not-so-much-a-mad-scientist-scientist-rather-one-who’s-forced-into-doing-something-he-knows-he-shouldn’t-but-does-anyway-scientist instead.

I saw the 2D version instead of the 3D version.  You could tell which scenes were shot specificially for the 3D audience.

Andrew Garfield is the perfect cast for Peter Parker.  He’s a breath of fresh air in his portayal of Peter Parker and should not be confused in any way shape or form with Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker. I’m glad that the writers went in the direction of Peter being a very brainy kid because the Peter Parker toys were a great addition to the movie.  The gadgets lent quite a bit of definition to Peter’s character.  Emma Stone’s always good with whatever you throw at her so her portrayal of Gwen Stacy was a perfect counter-part to Andrew’s Peter Parker.  It’s always great to get a chance to see Denis Leary.  I positively love that sarcastic dry sense of humor he has.  Mr. Sheen and Ms. Field were great addition to the cast as was the “Hey look!  It’s C.Thomas Howell!” moment when he was Jack’s Dad (His son was too afraid to get out of the burning car.)

  • Andrew Garfield (Spidey/Peter Parker)
  • Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy)
  • Rhys Ifans (Dr. Curt Connors)
  • Denis Leary (Cpt Stacy/Gwen’s Dad)
  • Campbell Scott (Richard Parker/Peter’s Dad)
  • Martin Sheen (Uncle Ben)
  • Sally Field (Aunt May)
  • and C. Thomas Howell (Jack’s Father) got a part as well.

So everyone go see it.  Take friends and/or family.  You’ll be glad you saw it on the big screen.


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