A book cover!Redshirts is a fast read and true to John Scalzi’s style, it’s very concise writing.  It’s one of the reasons I love reading his work.  Mr. Scalzi’s style doesn’t lose anything by being concise.  He always tells a great story while not being bogged down in overly wordy books that are purposely overly wordy for the purpose of being overly wordy.

I saw one tweet about Redshirts being about the writing process and once I got to the Codas, I realized the guy was right on target.  Redshirts is as much a novel about the writing process as it is about some folks who figure out they’re lives are in trouble if they go on an away mission with any of the ship’s bridge crew.

I still think John and Wil Wheaton got this whole idea rolling after a few beers at Comic-Con.  It’s a very enjoyable book and if you haven’t read it, you really should.

@scalzi @wilw #omganothergreatbook! #writingwithcrayons


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