Matt Stover

It was really cool to hear Matt come and talk on Sunday morning June 13th.  He talked about his walk with God and how that’s affected his outlook on his football career, his family, and especially last season when the Ravens never called him back.

During the summer, the Jets called him offering him his friend’s job.  Matt’s a very decent fellow.  He called his friend Jay Feely and asked how things were going over there.  Their kids played together, they’d hang out together.  After 19 years in the NFL, its natural to develop real friendships and relationships.  After Jay found out the Jets were negotiating with Matt, he spoke with the Jets and let them know he’d heard that they were looking to replace him.  Naturally, the Jets accepted Jay’s offer.  Matt’s told his manager afterward that he’d talked to Jay about the Jets job offer first.  Needless to say, initially, that didn’t go over too well.  Matt assured his manager that he felt like they’d be fine.   More weeks pass and it’s already the third week into the season when the Colts call him and ask Matt to visit.

There are two forms of commitment that a player can expect from a team: something monetary in the form of a signing bonus or something verbal.  Matt went to the Colts and kicked for them.   Matt named off all the shots he had to make (he only missed one).  Keep in mind, he hasn’t practiced with a team all season.  Matt let them know he was committed to them by saying he was ready to kick them into the Super Bowl.  They signed him the same day.  He went on to doing exactly what he said do.  Joe Flacco’s fourth quarter pick-off in the 2009 AFC playoffs made Matt’s previous field goal the game winner — which launched the Colts into the Super Bowl against the New Orleans Saints.


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