Borderlands revisited.

Okay, it’s time to fire up Borderlands again while I’m on spring break.  Haven’t made it too far yet, and I’m still liking the way the game was designed with that comic book black-pen outline around most of the artwork.  I took my hunter through the first playthrough of Borderlands and stopped.  I always enjoy the storyline more than I do running through the game with each character class.

This downloadable content’s pretty good.  You can see how playing this in four person coop would just rock.  Like they said, the level cap’s been increased and more fun weapons have been added.  So far I’ve knocked off Mr Shank at Lockdown Palace.   I rescued Athena and now she’s giving me new missions to run.  I’m sure I’ll run into General Knoxx at the end.  The plot seems pretty straight forward.  Find the big guy and blast him.   That’ll put a cramp in Atlas’ operations on the planet.  More on this later when I have more time to play.  Classes start up again on Monday and I still need to knock out that second project in Python.


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